More Apps about Skeletons

Amazing what you find out by talking to people online, I’d previously had a good look round for archaeology related Apps and found a fair few, mainly heritage walks round archaeological sites (see for a good list). Also found a field walking App that seems to have since disappeared and BillionGraves which is aimed at getting people everywhere to record gravestones!

But have just come across Dactyl, which looks like the beginning of a very useful digital library of bones, with and without fractures, pathology and so on. Bit pricey at the moment for the number of bones available, but given time could be very handy. See for a review of Dactyl and similar skeleton visualisation tools.

Android Version Live

Its been a bit of a struggle getting the App ready for Android – for the techies among you I’ve used a multi-platform, open source development nevironment called Appcelerator – but there are a lot of minor differences between Apple and Android that have to be worked round. To say nothing of the fact that Android devices come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. I’ve tested the App on Kindle Fire (7 inch screen)  and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8 inch screen) – you can run it on smaller devices but as the graphics won’t scale much smaller you’ll need to use it in landscape mode if you want to draw or annotate the diagrams.

Still, delighted to say that Skelly-Pad is now available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon


This blog is the home of Skelly-Pad – an App for archaeologists and forensic anthropologists to use to record skeleton and dental inventories. See Features for full details of what’s covered.

It’s been written as part of the dissertation for my BSc in Archaeology at the University of Reading, I’m an IT professional in normal life and couldn’t resist trying  to come up with something better than a paper form. I’ll be using this blog to keep people informed of updates, get ideas about improvements and generally track the progress of the App – all comments will be gratefully received.