An Oscar for OSKER

I was  idly browsing the App Store the other day, looking at archaeological Apps, most of which are tours or educational tools, so didn’t really expect to come across anything useful.  Which made it a pleasant surprise to find OSKER, which is designed to record disarticulated human remains, including indicating which parts of a bone you have and calculating the Minimum Number of Individuals (MNI).

Developers description follows;

OSKER is designed exclusively for Osteoarchaeologists by experts in the field. It will assist in the recording of large quantities of disarticulated skeletal remains. OSKER is designed to combine the study, recording and data upload of bones into a single process. It will then facilitate the curation, editing and output of that data.

Data is collected on a project by project basis, and stored on a server. It can be re-called , appended, edited and deleted at any time. It is also possible to output a comprehensive calculation of the MNI ( Minimum Number of Individuals) from each project. The full project data can also be output as a list and easily formatted into a table for use in reports or other written documentation.

The app requires scripts and data structures to be in place on the client server. please bear in mind that the app will not work without these in place. and while the app is free to download the server and database set up will have an associated charge.

Contact the developer for more details.

Please download the app and give it a try, the app defaults to a trial database and you can use that to try out the app. Please do not use the trial server for any critical data because it will be erased after a short period.




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