First Bug Fix Available

So, I thought I’d tested the App pretty thoroughly – but then had to upgrade my development environment so it would work on the newest ipads and a sneaky one slipped through. If you’ve tried to enter the number of ribs or phalanges on the original version you’ll find you can’t.

The bug is now fixed but you’ll need to go to the App Store to download the updated version.

Testing times with students

A big thank you to Rebecca Watts at Reading University’s Archaeology department for letting me try out Skelly-Pad on her undergraduate course on skeletal analysis – and also to Alice Mauchline from Agriculture for the loan of the fieldwork iPads for the students to use.

Some great feedback from the students and interesting to see that even the facebook generation don’t always find new Apps easy to use, much stabbing of fingers on screens. One new bug identified and an interesting suggestion to colour the bones in primary colours to represent grading, rather than shades of grey. This is the inventory one of the students did, black is present, white absent, be interested to know if anyone thinks a more colourful approach would work better?