Lockdown Upside?

There aren’t many upsides to lockdown, but it has mean that I’ve finally had time to focus on fixing the Android version of Archaeo-Pad. Multiple updates to Android meant that a number of ‘undocumented features’ in Android had been fixed, leaving Archaeo-Pad with some peculiar behaviour.

While its nowhere near as important as the UK’s Covid 19 tracking App, I sympathise with the developers – neither Google nor Apple give any quarter in their decisions to change their operaing systems and you often get little or no warning that an App is now deemed to ‘violate the guidelines’.

One of the most frustrating bugs to fix was that Android, or at least the vesion on my test tablet, insists on automatically opening zip files. That meant that I couldn’t offer Archaeo-Pad as an option for these files which in turn meant the import function didn’t work. Curiously Gmail doesn’t behave that way but to provide an option for non-Gmail users I’ve changed the App so it will also recognise files named “.zap”

Other resolved issues are;

Problems with text not being saved in forms
Google maps did not pinch zoom when identifying location of a find
Export to photos to HTML crashed
Links between contexts weren’t always created
Export of photo forms to CSV caused problems in Excel

Tested on Android version 9 and 5.1.1 (Both on Samsung tablets)

Also on Android 7 (Lenovo TB-7304F – cheap, but possibly the slowest tablet I’ve ever used!)