Version 1.0.9

1.0.9 Features and Fixes


Home page – Skeleton ID and Site didn’t update on the home page if changed in the Summary page.

Skeleton Inventory – when using the paper like form attempts to enter a fragmentary grading were overwritten, this now works correctly

Skeleton Inventory – when switching between Notes and Pathology view the description of the colour being used was sometimes not being displayed correctly. Changes to colours and descriptions are now kept in step correctly.

Skeleton Inventory – unable to enter the number of ribs, the number can now be entered by tapping the number or by using the arrows


Skeleton Inventory – added the Site Code and Identifier to this screen so any pictures printed out are easily identifiable.

Skeleton Inventory – option to set whole skeleton absent or present – use the skeleton picture in the top left hand corner. Note, this will overwrite any grading already done so use carefully.

Skeleton Inventory – switch to turn off the grey background for export and printing purposes. Note the way the underlying software works means you’ll need to do view each of the Notes and Pathology views with the background off before it becomes effective

Skeleton Inventory – camera icon allows photos to be uploaded, by taking a picture and linking this to the skeleton or using pictures from the Photo Gallery. Note that skelly-pad takes a copy of each photo so if you add a lot of photos this will use up space and also make any exports you create quite big, and possibly too big to email. Suggest you do any editing of photos to reduce size within the  camera function and upload the results. Note that the Free version is limited to uploading 2 photographs.

Skeleton Inventory – Share  icon makes a copy of the current inventory picture (with notes etc if visible) and lets you email it or share via dropbox or similar Apps. If you want to share a full copy of the inventory use the Export function on the home page.

Dentition Inventory & Attrition – Camera and Share icons also added to this page.

Export function – all files created when you export a skeleton, such as HTML and images) are now zipped into a single zip file to attach to an email instead of being attached as separate files.

New Export/Import function –  export skeleton(s) in  JSON format and import data from other Skelly-Pad users through the same format.

Juvenile Skeleton – functionality all works the same as of adults but there are more skeletal elements, where feasible I’ve indicated these on the picture, for the full list of elements tap on the grey areas or use the paper like form.

Juvenile Dentition – This has been added as the default for a juvenile skeleton but you can opt to use Permanent Dentition if appropriate, to choose a dentition type tap on the Dentition Type for your skeleton on the home page.  For mixed dentition at the moment choose the type that is the best fit then add in extras as Additional in the Dental Summary

Juvenile Age – Includes a selection of skeletal elements for ageing and images of dental development (Brothwell)

Juvenile Stature – uses the same stature calculations as the adult skeleton, users should apply any adjustments they think appropriate to the final result.

Juvenile Sex- grouped into assessments suitable for under 15 years and over 15 years

Note that the Free version is limited to creating 2 Juvenile Skeletons.