Skeletons in bulk!

The tricky thing about developing Apps is that you don’t know until they’re published how people will use them. The feedback I got during development suggested that most users would be analysing skeletons in the lab rather than recording them during excavations, but thanks to some very useful feedback from user in Israel and Iceland it seems that Skelly-Pad is proving very useful for on-site, in trench use. That’s particularly true when the bones are very fragile so that this is the only time that measurements can be accurately taken.

Recording a whole cemetery at once means there are more skeletons being held in the App than I’d anticipated so I’ve added a paging feature that means you can flip through the skeletons more easily and some basic search functionality to locate a particular skeleton in a long list.  Only available on iPad and iPhone right now, a new version of Android introduced a new bug 😦 – but hope to get the Android version updated soon.

The current record is 51 skeletons, if you’ve done more let me know!


3 thoughts on “Skeletons in bulk!”

  1. hiya – I have been trying the app out in the field in the Philippines – just with one or two skeletons so far. Preservation at some sites isn’t great so it’s essential to record as much as possible in situ. It’s a great app, and would be really great to see it develop to include non-adults.


    1. Thanks – glad to hear its useful. The latest version does juveniles with epiphyses etc. Am planning to add infants but found it quite hard to work out what to include. Is there a good infant recording form around that would give me a jump start?


  2. I’m having trouble sending images to email/print. The top of the selection or cranium for a complete assemblage always gets always cut off in the final image. It must be a bug, can you fix it?


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