Skelly-Pad – New version released

The latest version of Skelly-Pad includes a number of features that have been requested by users in the field, particularly those excavating the numerous cemetries that are found all round the UK. This version is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

New features include;

  • Ability to manage large numbers of skeleton using folders, move skeletons between folders, export and import folders, delete folders
  • Record Joints and Joint Pathology
  • Record Cranial measurements using CRANID measurements and export in CRANID ready format
  • New Adult Skeleton format based on the Museum of London recording standards
  • Ability to import skeletons from other users archives – see Skeleton Archive for an initial set of data from the Wellcome Osteological database
  • Add new values for Ancestry

See Google Play or iTunes App Store to downlaod.

3 thoughts on “Skelly-Pad – New version released”

  1. Is it possible to remove the ancestry entries ( cacausoid etc..from the list as they seem to reflect antiquated racial categories that I wouldn’t want to use for teaching) it would be more helpful for me as an archaeologist to put the site name or culture). I know that I can add my own entries to select from , but would prefer to not have these others defaulted in the drop-list


    1. Thats a good idea Cara, will see what I can do. Ancestry categories seem to be something that people are really divided about – so the more felxibility there is the better. Will post here when I’ve managed to fix it.


  2. Hi Cara – just to let you know the latest release of Skelly-Pad is now available. It lets you edit the Ancestry values, add new ones or delete the existing ones. Hope its useful.


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