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The App for archaeologists who hate sums

Level-Pad – New version released

Feedback on Level-Pad from excavators has been very positive,  but in real life people wanted more flexibility in organising their work. So the latest release allows you to organise Level Pages into Collections, and to export or import Collections or single Pages.

You can also add or delete single Levels from a page.


Last summer I spent a happy 2 weeks digging at Marden Henge with students and staff from Reading University. One image that sticks in my head is the (very hot) afternoon a group of us spent scratching our heads over various mistakes in the levels book. In an off the cuff comment I said that an App for calculating levels would be a really good idea, which was greeted with a chorus of “yes, please!” from the students.

Several months later a search of various App stores revealed plenty of Apps that do indeed calculate levels, and much more besides, but all aimed at surveyors rather than archaeologists.

Level-Pad is my attempt to fill the gap with a simple, easy to use App that  works the way that excavators work on site. Looking just like a traditional levels book, when you move to a new page it asks how many levels you’re planning to take and all you have to do is enter the TBM, BackSight and ForeSights and Level-Pad fills in the calculations for you.

You can write the levels in a physical book when you’re done, email or print a copy of the page or send it to another Level-Pad user to store in their phone or tablet.

No more sums!

Fed up of spending time calculating levels in your head, searching for a calculator or checking you’ve used the backsight and foresight properly? Level-Pad does the sums for you, just enter your Dumpy level readings and it will calculate the levels for you.

• automated level calculations
• generates level book page to print
• share pages with other users

Free version has full functionality but limited to 5 pages of levels.