Skelly-Pad is for Sharing

So, like any typical IT project, the latest version has taken a bit longer than I’d hoped to emerge from testing. There were some new features that I decided really had to be added before the next version went live.

Specifically, I’ve added a new form of export that lets you share skeleton reports with other Skelly-Pad users. You can already share them as HTML pages or in Excel format but this new format (JSON for any technies) is designed to make it easy to import the data back in.

If you send a skeleton by email the recipient can just tap on the Skelly-Pad icon that will appear when they select the zip file attached to the email and it will let them import into Skelly-Pad.

In theory this should also work if you share via Dropbox and similar methods but there seem to be some oddities in the way Dropbox is built that mean that doesn’t happen. If the sharing method you try doesn’t work probably the best approach is to revert to email.

New version, 1.0.9, is now live on the Apple App Store and on Google Play (haven’t quite fot the Kindle version wokring yet).

Also – please note that the free version only lets you record 2 juvenile skeletons, there’s a modest charge of £3.99 for unlimited use – mainly to cover the cost of publishing which is £100+ pounds a year!

Any issues please either comment on this blog or email



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