iPhones included

When I started building Skelly-Pad iPhones were still mostly small, so I decided it didn’t make sense to publish the App on them because it would be too difficult to use.  But in the last year or so they seem to have got bigger and bigger – so much that some phones are almost as big as small tablet. I’ve also had people ask to try Skelly-Pad on a phone so after a bit of tinkering around the latest version is now usable on even the smallest iPhone.

With smaller phones you’ll need to switch between landscape and portrait mode a bit to get the best results but everything is usable – you can zoom in and out of the pictures if need be.

This version also has some changes to try and prevent crashes on iPad Air devices (which are prone to crash if you turn them around and the App flips around to match) and a bug in the import utility that caused some imports to fail.

Version 1.1.10 is available on the iTunes App store and Google Play.



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