Context recording on a phone

Ditch your folders and clipboard and capture all your dig records on a tablet. Use our pre-defined forms for cuts, deposits, plans, sections, finds, samples and so on – or create new forms to suit your needs.

App includes;

  • Comprehensive lists of values for eg colours, textures based on an amalgamation of UK practices
  • Calculation of levels and linking levels to relevant forms
  • Tracks links between contexts and plans/sections/finds
  • Organise your work into collections
  • Export/import utility for back up and to print or output to spreadsheets or other databases
  • Create or customise your own forms and lists of values

There’s plenty of help inside the App but see the FAQ for more and a  walk-through of the steps to make your own customised forms, complete with your logo.


11 thoughts on “Context recording on a phone”

  1. Ill have to look into whether the UK values are the sane as Canadian practices.

    Could you list those values here…?

    Maybe discuss there use when describing samples.


    1. Hi Wade – thanks – the App has lots of lists of standard values, for example, values for ‘Compaction’ are;

      “Coarse-Grained/Compact” “Mattock needed for excavation”
      “Coarse-Grained/Loose” “Can use trowel or hoe for excavation”
      “Fine Grained or Peat/Firm” “Not easily moulded”
      “Fine Grained or Peat/Soft” “Easily moulded”
      “Fine Grained or Peat/Friable” “Will not hold together, crumbles”

      But its designed so you can create your own lists of values and forms that use them so it would be straightforward to create a Canadian set. (One thing I’ve learned is that no two archaeologists do things exactly the same way!)

      Is there a Canadian standard for these things? If you could point me to one I can look at creating a suitable set of forms. Also – in the App you can list out all the values it contains – see the FAQ page at for a how to.


  2. Hi,
    When I added a plan and click the sign of the level to add a new measurement it says “No levels form found for plan:…” But I just created this plan. Nothing else happens. No button or function to add the levels form.


  3. I clicked on your help link in a previous reply and the page is empty, I’m interested in designing a Trench sheet with multiple deposits and if necessary Cuts for features. I was looking for an idiots guide.


  4. Hi,
    I have a question: I am working with iOS. How can I import my backup data – I need to di this to share my database structure with colleagues. I tried hard to find the import button but I excuse myself if I simply overlooked it… 🙂
    Best, Marcel


    1. Hi Marcel

      You can Export data from the App – the button is two arrows next to the suitcase icon (backup) – using that will let you email data to people.

      There isn’t a button to Import the data into Archaeo-Pad . Once you receive the exported data (as an attachment to an email for example) you have to

      tap on the zip file attached to the email
      tap the share iscon (square + vertical arrow)
      select archaeopad from the application icons you’re offered
      that takes you into the ArchaeoPad import screen
      tap on the arrow icon (bottom left) and the data will be imported.

      Sorry its a bit complicated – its the only way i could get Apple to do it!
      Let me know if you have problems.


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